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GREPP Sticker Pack

GREPP Sticker Pack

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Remember the times as a kid when you patched a sticker onto something boring, and it instantly transformed into something super cool?

Well, we do! And you can relive such moments with our ultra-durable sticker pack—ready to make the dull things in our world a little less boring. Ready to pimp up your bike, your neighborhood, or anything else that needs a little mojo.

All stickers are designed with bike geometry and tube diameter in mind.

Designed by Joni Sundvik



By the numbers:

  • 5x stickers:
  • campfire mug (transparent vinyl, 6.2x7.1 cm)
  • holiday reaper (white vinyl, 5.9x7 cm)
  • snakebite (white vinyl, 8.1x8 cm)
  • mummy hand (reflective vinyl, 8x7.3 cm)
  • grepp logo (reflective vinyl, 9.3x3 cm)
  • Contour cut
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