About us

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality fabric handlebar tape with maximum #grepp that is sustainable and reusable.

We love cycling and we love our bikes.

We are spending hours looking for the perfect combination of parts.

Every part has to match our needs and reflect our unique personality. We also wish for long lasting materials which are environmentally friendly like riding your bike.

But when it comes to handlebar tape - what are the options? A tacky look and feel of plastic? An increased risk of slipping once our hands become a bit sweaty? One which doesn’t handle a crash? A tape that you can only throw away once it’s worn?

Grepp Cycling Stuff was born out of our frustration with current handlebar tapes.

The goal was simple: a tape that suits our style of riding, that provides maximum #grepp under all conditions, and that is made to last. Multiple times.

Our journey started in Spring 2020 when Thomas tried to convince Jan about the advantages of woven bar tape. Jan was skeptical at first but quickly converted. With our trusted, experienced supplier and partner in crime, Smålands Band, we developed the next evolution of woven organic fiber handlebar tape that can take a beating off the beaten track, that will keep your hands where they belong, and that you can wash just like your pair of jeans. Woven in Sweden using 100% environmentally friendly materials.


Enjoy riding.





I’m originally from Germany and nowadays Finland is my home of choice. The bike has always been my favourite way of transportation for shorter or perhaps longer distances. Exploring the outdoors is my cup of tee regardless if it is by bike or by foot just make sure you are accompanied by the people you appreciate most in your life.


I’m socialized in Germany, have Polish roots, and Sweden is where I call “home” at the moment. My passion for cycling stems from the workshop: Repairing bikes is my meditation. But the Swedish roads and tracks are tempting for exploration with or without tent — #partypace, of course.