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The goal was simple: a tape that suits our style of riding, that provides maximum grip under all conditions, and that is made to be reused. Multiple times.

  • "The texture of the tape felt tactile, tough, and timeless. Plus, the weave on the tape made it feel grippy straight out of the box. 10/10 for first impressions."

    Photos and review by @adventuresbycycle

  • "I love your grip tapes, not only are they sustainable, but they're so easy to grip and the design is cool!"


  • "That bar tape is so elegant and classic. Not just for the looks, although that is worth it on its own. The material *feels* great too... But also because it is so damn durable and reusable as well. I'm always tinkering with my bikes, swapping parts around etc. Being able to reuse the bartape makes it so much easier (and more affordable too...)"


  • "My local bike shop who assembled my bicycle introduced me to the handlebar tape. I really like the natural feel of the tape. It is non-slip, easy to hold, and super convenient to wash and reapply. For more cushion I add a reusable gel pad underneath for the extra cushion I like . I recommend it because the taste is perfect for gravel bikes."

  • "My bars were so covered in dust and sand but still I could just send those technical downhills etc without fear of slipping."


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