How do I wrap the tape?

In principle, you wrap our tape just like any other handlebar tape. However, unlike other brands, you can pull it as firmly as you like and don't have to worry about ripping it. :-] In fact, the tighter you pull, the better the tape will hold in place.

You can find our instruction videos here. We also recommend the instruction videos by Calvin Jones from ParkTool (#1#2) and RJ The Bike Guy (#1#2). RJ's second video will be especially relevant if you have a vintage bike because it shows the 'old school' wrapping technique, starting at the tops. We know this technique also works fine with our tape.

Where is the finishing tape?

We do not include finishing tape because our surveys showed that different riders use different techniques. We recommend using regular electrician's tape in your favorite color.

Where is the piece of tape that goes across the break lever clamp?

Not all wrapping techniques require such a piece (see wrapping instruction videos linked above). We therefore do not include a separate piece in the package. However, our tape is long enough to cut off two pieces if you wish so.

Does the standard bar end plug fit into a riser bar?

In some cases it will but in general the inner diameter (ID) of riser bars is more narrow compared to drop bars. The ID of most riser bars is between 17-18 mm whereas the ID of drop bars is about 20 mm. according to Hermanns Oy the expander bar end plug works for inner diameters starting from 18 mm upwards. Please consider the tape thickness.   





Will my tape keep its colour?

The tape will develop a patina over time due to sweat and UV light. 

How do I prevent fraying of the tape?

There are several ways to prevent your tape from excessive fraying.
    1. You can cut the end where your finishing tape goes diagonally. 
    2. Once you've cut the tape to the length you need, you can apply instant glue to the edges and prevent fraying.
    3. You can try melting the ends with a lighter. The Modal fabric will not melt, but the rubber bands will. It can also leave you a cleaner surface for applying the glue.
    4. Apply the finishing tape in the opposite direction you would usually do. It prevents you from pulling out the threads when you remove the handlebar tape. Jan shows you how to do it in our instruction videos.
    5. Use a small washing bag when washing the tape.

    How do I wash the tape?

    You wash the tape at 30-40ºC (86-104ºF). Hand-wash is the preferred option, but you can throw it in the machine, too. If your machine has a delicates setting, use it. We recommend using a small washing bag to prevent fraying. Avoid spin-drying at high speeds. A regular liquid detergent will do the job just fine.

    Things your tape won't like:

      • Do not use a softener!
      • Do not tumble dry!

      Will the tape get damaged during washing?

      Washing can cause fraying; it all depends on the washing machine and setting. We recommend using a small washing bag to prevent excessive fraying of the tape. However, we have also washed our tape without such a bag, and nothing terrible happened. So either way, your tape is made for being washed!





      When will my package arrive?

      We aim at fulfilling orders within two working days. Then it's up to the shipping company. :-]

      For more information please refer to out shipping policy .


      Why don't you ship to my country?

      We are in the middle of expanding and do our best to be in your country asap.

      Customers from US: You can buy our tape from the friendly bunch at Crust or other shops which can be found here.

      Customers from elsewhere around the world: Please get in touch with us if you can't find a local bike shop in here. We welcome bike shops from all over the world to carry our tape and we are happy about all recommendations.





      How do I return my goods?

      Contact us via email if you wish to return your product. We only accept returns of unused products. We will refund your money as soon as your return has reached us.

      Who pays for returns?

      We do not offer free returns because we want to prevent unnecessary shipping. It means you will have to pay for the return shipping if you decide not to keep the tape. However, if you pay via PayPal, you can request a refund of the return shipping cost directly from PayPal (up to 25EUR).