You have been waiting for this, right?

You have been waiting for this, right?

Long time no see!
It has been quiet here for a while. There was little to report, and we didn't want to bother you with some meaningless story about something to keep us on the radar.
By last week we have finally produced all-new colors. That's a reason to be happy.

All of them are now available in our online shop. But most importantly, we have already started shipping the new colors to some of you and our GREPP-friendly bike shops all over the globe.

In the end, it took us a long time. Very long. Thomas and I are still thrilled that we managed to complete this production series.
Big shout out to our manufacturing partner Smålands Band for doing their best to get all manufactured as fast as possible.

One key reason for the little longer manufacturing time was not the delivery problems of the raw material but also the fact that we have one weaving machine available. This means we produce one color at a time.

Why not have more devices? The short answer is that there ain't more machines free as there are other customers at Smålandsband. We have been ramping up the production compared to last year was also unexpected to our partner.

We are confident with your support that we are getting better in this and will try our best to shorten the manufacturing time. And therefore the waiting time for all of you in the future.

The next step on our side will be a pattern with our tape. So stay tuned for what's coming along the next month.
Until then,...

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the sunshine.

Cheers, Jan

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