What about the new colours?

What about the new colours?

We recently made some noise on Instagram about 3 new colors for our Gripper handlebar tape. In the last week of September, you voted for your favorite colors that will start a new series of "Royal Bars." After the poll, we decided to include a 3rd color from our first poll earlier that year. In the end, "Rain Drum" won against "Valiant Poppy," and we announced to release the following three colors:

1 / 3
2 / 3
3 / 3

Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is: We're still releasing three new colors! The bad news is: It will take longer than expected. Yeah, I know—that is such a pity. BUT we are planning to release the pre-sale before the Christmas Holidays with scheduled shipping in early 2022.

Why the delay? The buzz about our Gripper handlebar tape has been growing (thanks to Crust Bikes and some appearances in various online magazines). Hence, we also face increasing demand from local bike shops worldwide. To be honest, it overwhelmed us a bit, and we were ill-prepared for such an amount of requests. Here is what we are chasing:

Tencel Modal

Wanted: Finest raw Tencel-Modal

Currently, we have run out of raw yarn, which we need to manufacture our tapes. Therefore, we prioritized using what was left to fulfill the orders of local bike shops for currently available colors and postpone the new colors for a little bit longer.

Please stay patient. Hugs.

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Greetings from Hannover

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