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What others say about 'The Tape'  

Today, we want to share some impressions and feedback from our dearest test riders. As you might remember, we produced a limited batch of tape at the beginning of July. We then sent it out to some hardcore riders in Europe, ensuring we stress-test the tape to the maximum extent under real conditions. Our goal was to expose the tape to as many different situations and riding terrains as possible.

We asked everyone for feedback by the end of August. Until then, many test riders had already clocked more than 1000 km with the prototype. It was a great selection of mixed terrain riders. Most of them ended up wrapping the tape on their gravel bikes.

We collected feedback in different ways. Most testers sent us images and voice messages with first-hand feedback. My dearest friend Jimmy from Vicious Cycling Athens even made a short video during one of his rides (check it out).

Here are some more shots from the tape in action:


In addition to all the individual messages, we asked everyone to fill out a survey for more standardized answers.

The feedback helped us to identify the necessary final tweaks before releasing the product to all of you. Of course, we very much focused on the weaknesses.

Here is some of the feedback we have received: 


“A good looking and easy to wrap eco friendly alternative to plastic tape.”

“It’s all about the grip. Feels so good and grips well to sticky hands and sweaty elbows. Feels natural and sturdy, with proper care will last long.”

“Gets ratty pretty quickly. After some time the palms start to rub and polish the surface and grip deteriorates. Too hard for my taste.”

“Comfortable and good looking”

“The Tape stays put regardless of the conditions”


We are now working on the final version. Based on the feedback and our own impressions, we decided to improve: 

  • Flexibility

  • Feel

  • UV stability and color trueness 

Especially the last point turned out to be a tough cookie. We think we found a solution and it's going to be big news! So, stay tuned for the final update before the grant release.... ;)

We are almost there! 

Thanks for following our process so far.

Cheers,  Jan

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