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Greetings and Happy New Year from all of us at GREPP!

We've been off the blogging scene for a bit, and we apologize for that. As we welcome the new year, we find ourselves amidst snowy landscapes, taking a bit more time off the bike than usual.

Cyclist sitting in the snow

Now, why are we breaking our blog silence? Well, there's some news we need to share with you and from the beginning, our blog has been our platform to delve into the 'why' and 'how' of GREPP.

We're adjusting the retail price of our handlebar tape in our online shop. This marks our first price increase since we embarked on this GREPP journey three years ago. When we set out, our mission was clear - to offer an affordable EU-made product, avoiding hefty price tags associated with labels like "Made in Sweden." And even with this price adjustment, we aim to stay true to our commitment to affordability.

These past three years have been a roller coaster ride, not just for us, but for everyone globally. The bike industry, in particular, has faced challenges, with many small companies bearing the brunt of tough times.

So, why the price increase, and why now?

Hike a Bike - Gravel

Costs across the board have been on the rise, not just this year, but for the past two years. Despite seeing increases, we chose to sacrifice our margin to maintain stable prices. We wanted to send a message without rubbing it in everyone face that we wouldn't pass our margin loss onto our customers, unlike some other industries aiming to maintain or increase their growth.

Let's look at the beef.

The raw material cost for our gripper has surged by 4.10€/kg. Shipping has become pricier, with an average 5.6% increase from our carrier (PostNord), translating to about 0.42€ per order. It's worth noting that the displayed shipping cost on our website is a bit lower than the actual cost - shipping from Sweden comes with its challenges, as you might expect. Lastly, our storage and operations costs have also seen an increase the production cost will increase by another 3-4% in 2024.

Handle bar tape and bar end plug

We trust you appreciate the factors at play, and with optimism, understand the adjustments we've made. Our Gripper, which was previously priced at 27.95€ (incl. VAT), will now be offered at 30.95€, as we continue to provide quality products, and value.

We're sorry to bring you this news, and we genuinely hope you'll continue to stand by us, believing in GREPP and our products.

Sending love and hugs, Jan & Thomas

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