We're done... aren't we?

To all who waited patiently,

Thank you for following our journey until now. We are proud and excited to announce that we are officially ready to rumble. The new store is online, and we're prepared to receive your orders! The final version of our reusable woven fabric handlebar tape is ready to please your hands.

We call it "The Gripper," which is a portmanteau word of "Grip" and "Ripper." The first batch comes in "Charcoal" exclusively. It's a deep black color, just like your hands after touching a piece of charcoal or your bike chain after 1 year of riding through rain and mud. As black as black can be. Each package includes 2 rolls of handlebar tape and a pair of expander bar end plugs. 



We suggest you prepare for next season and get yourself a pair of Grippers for your bike and be ready for the next adventure with a handlebar tape that lasts.

Of course, you are welcome to try them out already! Our testers have reported superb grip in wet conditions, just so you know.

So what's going to happen next? Well, we hope you stay tuned as there will be new stuff following soon next year. Make sure you keep an eye on our Insta channel. We want to include you all in our development and are counting on your feedback and support. 


Jan & Thomas

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