Why We Updated Our Handlebar Bar End Plugs

Why We Updated Our Handlebar Bar End Plugs

It was a tough decision to say goodbye to our trusty 2 piece handlebar bar end plug. We had been through so much together, conquered many trails, and shared countless memories. Also made some of our customers very angry because it was hard to get it in and out.

gray handlebar tape from GREPP with 2-piece bare end plug

But sometimes, change is necessary whether we like it or not.

Let me explain why we made the decision to let go.

Why the Change?

We had two major reasons for supporting this change. The first one is quite straightforward: our partner informed us that one of the production tools had been damaged, and it was decided not to reinvest in repairing the broken injection molding equipment.

Did you know that the two-piece bar end plug design originated in the 1980s? Neither did we, until we had discussions with our manufacturing partner, Herrmans.

The second reason was a change in the bicycle safety standard ISO 4210. The latest revision introduced a new requirement for handlebar bar end plugs, specifying that they must withstand a pull-out force of 70N. Unfortunately, our two-piece design didn't meet this new standard.

So here we were, with low stock and two problems to solve.

Both Thomas and I are followers of the Deming Philosophy, which values collaborative problem-solving. We believe in working with our partners to find solutions, rather than rushing to the nearest quick fix. Not to mention, it's not exactly easy to find bar end plug manufacturers in Europe.

As much as we loved the old two-piece handlebar end plug, continuing its production at Herrmans would have required a significant investment in rebuilding and modifying the injection molding equipment—an expense that didn't align with our budget constraints.

Instead, we decided to customize an existing design, requiring only minor adjustments to the injection molding inserts. This allowed us to create a new bar end plug with significantly less investment.

What's New?

GREPP Bar end plug in a Surly Corner Bar
Here on a Surly corner bar

It's a push-in style, designed to meet the latest ISO 4210-1:2023 safety standards for bicycles. This plug is compatible with both drop bars and riser bars. While we can't guarantee it fits every bar out there, it does cover inner diameters between 17-20mm.

Made from a semi-hard thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), this plug offers the perfect mix of durability and flexibility. With a bit of extra force, you can also fit it into slightly narrower inner diameters.


We've carefully designed the head of the bar end plug to be either smaller or flush with the end of your bars, depending on your wrapping technique, which gives your handlebars a sleek and polished appearance.

With our new handlebar bar end plug, you can ride with confidence, knowing that your equipment meets the highest safety standards while also looking sharp.

As a stylish touch, we added our subtle logo to the head of the plug. It's a nod to our brand without being too in-your-face. If you're not a fan, no worries—you can simply cut it off with a knife, haha.

Please note that during our transition phase, some Grippers may still come with the old two-piece plug. If you'd like to ensure you get the new one, just send us a message or purchase an extra pair from our online shop.




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