Product requirements

The title of this blog post sounds bit stiff and technical but it is quite crucial to deal with this topic when you create a new product. Jan has some experience in hardware product development due to his work background and therefore is was kind of obvious to know something about requirements and why they are so important when creating a new product.

So what is it?

Product requirements are simply capturing the needs for your product. You think what you want from the product and write it down respective to its usage. Let me give you a example:

“I want the product to be suitable for outdoor usage”

From this use case you can define following requirements:

  1. The tape shall be resistant against sunlight

  2. The tape shall maintain it’s colour when exposed to the typical environment

  3. and many more.

We where able to collect many more of those requirements and where able to form a mutual understanding what the tape is going to be and what it is not going to be. With this knowledge we had a good basis to start talking to a manufacturer of the tape in order to get the handlebar tape what we are looking for.

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